Our murals are masterfully rendered and range from Tuscan Expressionistic Style depicting Tuscan Vineyards and landscapes, to panoramic Trompe l’oeil Murals painted to “trick your eye” and add realistic, dimension to your walls. From unbelievable, real looking  Windows to open up a room or a large Sports ball breaking through a wall in your childs room, we can paint your dreams! Our faux painting and murals are commissioned for both residential and commercial settings and is thoughtfully designed for each individual space.

Debra Goley the principal muralist and Lynnette James, the extrordinary faux painter for Bella Villa designs, have an extensive portfolio of commissions in Arizona and the surrounding area as well as residences and commercial establishments as far away as Chicago and North Carolina. If you’re considering a faux painting and/or a beautiful mural for your home or office, please contact us! Whatever your project may be, we’ll work with you to bring your vision into reality.


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